The last blooms of late summer


The garden is taking a breather at the moment and is very much between seasons. The last blooms of late summer perennials are hanging on to their petals, bowed but unbroken by recent rain and winds and many of the ornamental grasses are at their magnificent peak. Japanese Anemones are still flowering but also sporting plenty of fluffy seed heads ready to be taken by…Read More

Miscanthus in Winter

miscanthus in winter

After the rich colours and jewel-like berries of autumn, winter can be a dull affair but there will still be plenty to enjoy and spring will pop her head around the corner before we know it. Already there are signs that plants are preparing for next year with pointed flower buds deep in the heart of Rhododendrons and Camellias waiting to explode into colour next…Read More

Plants in Containers

Tulip Queen of Night

We seem to be accumulating lots of containers in our garden which are home to various plants from Tulips which are, at the moment, underground to more tender specimens including a Ginger Lily (Hedychium), Dahlias and a hardy Banana (Musa basjoo). Apart from the odd feed of Miracle Gro through the summer and a handful of slow release fertiliser when they are planted up, these…Read More

Insects and Butterflies in the Garden

There are still plenty of insects and butterflies in the garden at the moment enjoying the nectar and Flowering Shrubpollen from late summer flowering shrubs and perennials. Our white Buddleja davidii has been very popular with Red Admiral and Peacock butterflies this year and I have also seen Hummingbird Hawk Moths buzzing back and forth – they really do look like miniature Hummingbirds and are…Read More

Late Perennials in the Garden

Summer marches on and soon autumn will begin to show her hand with shorter days and chilly mornings of ‘mists and mellow fruitfulness’. Cooler temperatures are a sign for most plants to cease growing and begin to close down for winter. This act culminates in the stunning display of autumn leaf colours before these fall to reveal bare skeletons of trees and shrubs, allowing evergreens…Read More