Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree

We have had many types of Christmas trees over the years including Hazel and Birch twigs cut from the garden and decorated with a few cherished baubles. One year we had a massive Norway spruce, so large that they would hardly fit into the corner of the sitting room in the small cottage that we owned in Kent! My husband and I both enjoy Christmas…Read More

Autumn Tidy Up

Geranium Rozanne

I am way behind in the garden this autumn. Other projects in the house are taking up far too much of my ‘spare’ time and whenever I have a moment the weather is against me! Perennials such as Phlox and Geraniums still need to be cut back and borders need to be cleared of fallen leaves so that mulch can be applied. The compost heaps…Read More

Winter Flowering Shrubs

Sarcococca and Willow

Some of the treasures of our garden are the shrubs that flower through the winter months when most ‘sensible’ plants are dormant! The great thing about many of these is the fact that the blooms are scented – presumably to attract what few pollinators are on the wing at this time of the year. Amongst my favourites has to be Christmas Box (Sarcococca) with its…Read More

Evergreens in Containers

As autumn makes her presence felt in our garden, the show of vibrant colours from leaves and stems as many plants prepare to go dormant through the winter is well underway. Once the bare bones of these plants are exposed, evergreens will come to the fore and continue to provide colour and shape for the next few months. Many of these gracious plants are well…Read More

Protecting Tender Plants Through Winter

winter protection

Many gardeners will be in a dilemma at this time of the year wondering how to protect their favourite plants that are not winter hardy. We have put together a few handy tips to help you. Which to save Some bedding plants such as Lobelia, Marigolds, Begonia semperflorens (fiberous rooted Begonias) and Alyssum are ‘annuals’. This means that they will only last for one summer…Read More