Hello and welcome to our new blog!

This blog has been set up to give you the ultimate in best tips, advice and information about buying for the garden. Whether you are looking for tools to help with pruning or sky scrapping climbers to add extra interest in the garden, the blog and our new Gardening Library will help you get the most out of them. What is most important, though to us, is that it represents all gardeners who love to celebrate the joy of gardening and healthy living, which is both good for the soul and the planet.

We are very excited about our launch of the blog, there will be great tips to get you thinking outside the box and the latest in gardening news in and around the world (with specific correspondence to topics that are being talked about in the media). As well as being updated with company news and advice, we have a guest blogger Mr McGregor, a country and family oriented man who is equally as passionate about gardening as all of us. In his entries he will be sharing his opinions and experiences with you (good and bad).

Alongside the blog we have also opened our very own Gardening Library where you will find an abundance of thought provoking and engaging information for you to sink your teeth into. There are great articles for references as well as informative advice to help everyone get the most of the garden.


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