Mr McGregor: Getting Stuck in!

The May bank holiday is coming and I can’t wait to get stuck outside in the garden. Let’s just hope the weather holds up! I spent most of my time in the run up to the last bank holiday in the garden, but the front garden is looking a bit too bare for my liking. Sounds like a job for this weekend!

The garden looked great over the bank holiday, so I was able to spend most of the day sitting back and enjoying the flowers.  I have always found it hard to find an accompanying plant for the ribes, but white daffodils definitely did the trick. I planted my daffodils, which came up a bit late this year, but they were looking great over the weekend.

During the break I was able to take my son up to the allotment to see how his tomatoes are coming along. He asked if it was alright to pick some and eat them and he was amazed at how they tasted. “WOW! They’re just like sweets!” The look on his face was priceless, he was so proud of himself. As well as growing some tomatoes at the allotment there are also some on top of the kitchen cupboard and after four weeks, we have some great looking tomatoes. Great job!

With the garden blooming nicely and the allotment looking reasonable for the time being, I think it’s time to get myself stuck into the front garden. I am going to put containers by the front door, filled with spring planets, with fresh scents of hyacinths and the exciting colours of tulips greeting you as walk through the front door. As first impressions count for everything, I don’t think that’s bad going. The roses have been pruned back already, so I am now playing the waiting game to see them bloom in the late spring/early summer. I have always found it quite confusing how to prune roses, but I have found if you prune at a 45 degree angle sloping downwards away from the bud the results are uncompromising.

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