Santa Is Coming In A Grotto Near You

With winter on its way, we have been getting in the merry mood buying and organising our Christmas products and displays, which will be in store and online from the 9th. Like every year we are planning to turn our garden centres into a winter wonderland, full of colour, merry wishes and fantastic gift ideas.

We will also be seeing Santa return to his jolly grotto, giving every child the chance to meet him, ask for their gifts and receive a goody. Santa will be returning to your local garden centre from the 21st November.

With all of this happening in our garden centres it is a great time to get the whole family down and get excited about the festive season. Shop around for decorations, a new tree (both real and false trees are available with the chance to have it delivered to your front door), gift ideas and Christmas plants. Then take a stroll around the garden centre, enjoy a cup of tea and a sweet treat at the restaurant and then to finish the day off, let the children visit Santa in his grotto.

When you want the ultimate experience in Christmas shopping, Notcutts is a place to visit.



2 thoughts on “Santa Is Coming In A Grotto Near You

  1. Hello Santa. you are looking really really cute. What the mystery news you are gonna tell us ..
    Guys where is grotto .. ?

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