A Gardening Event in Woking

Gardening eventAnother big weekend is coming up at the end of this month and this time, Mrs McGregor and I will be visiting Woking in Surrey for the Snowdrop Splendour event. It takes place on the 29th and 30th January and it sounds like an excellent days outing; Lady Christine Skelmersdale a bulb expert will be talking about snowdrops, which will be quite interesting as they are a flower I don’t know too much about.

 The event organisers are also planning to show a range of Galanthus, both common and uncommon that is available to buy. I think this is why Mrs McGregor wants to go; there will also be bulbs and plants for winter interest to look at.

This is sure to be quite an interesting and fun day out. I think the children are quite glad they aren’t coming; I’m sure my daughter will be in her bedroom all day on her computer whilst talking to her friends on Skype and my son will be on his PlayStation (something Mrs McGregor and I beginning to regret giving him for Christmas).

Mr McGregor´╗┐


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