Crops for January

January VegetablesI had an incredible weekend with Mrs McGregor and our friends in Lincoln and what a remarkable place. Luckily over the weekend my crops survived the cold weather, but they were in need of some weeding and feeding. They are not growing as well as I had hoped, but the weather conditions are gradually getting better; hopefully they will show some improvement soon.

With weather conditions still cold, but easing slightly it has given me a bit of confidence to try and grow my first lot of crops for the summer. In January you can sow onions, peppers and tomatoes, but I would keep a watchful eye on them, just in case any mishaps occur.

I will only be sowing and planting a few of each with my new garden hand tools just to see how they grow; a little experiment. This time I will be growing my tomatoes at home in the garden so I can keep an eye on them. Hopefully the warmth coming from the house will help them as well.

The peppers I am growing are Pepper Diablo And Ringo F1 Seeds. I didn’t grow any peppers last year, which was a bit of a silly mistake on my part as they are such a staple vegetable to have in the kitchen. Fortunately they are quite an easy crop to grow as they are self-fertile and as a general rule always trend to produce a good set of crop.

Hopefully the weather will be kind to my plot and I will grow some successful crops for the family to enjoy.

Mr McGregor


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