Gardening jobs for January

Gardening Tips for JanuaryIt is the New Year and time to start our resolutions and if your resolution is to tend to your garden more often we have some great starting points for you to begin the year of gardening with.

Here are our top jobs to do in the garden for January:

1.       Snowdrops – Now is the time to get yourselves kitted out with some beautiful Snowdrops. They are elegant flowers that decorate lifeless borders in an instant and easy to grow.

2.       Start ordering/planning – This is the best time for you to start planning your summer flowering and start ordering. Take a look at our summer flowering bulbs today and see what you could be growing in your garden this summer.

3.       Prepare for strong winds – When January comes, so do high winds. Stake any young trees if you haven’t already and ensure all fence posts and archways are secured properly.

4.       Clear you flower borders – Getting rid of debris and having a general clean up of the borders with your garden rake will make planting new bulbs and flowers so much more pleasurable.

5.       Prune you Buddleias, apple and pear trees – Fruit trees are dormant at the time fo year, which is perfect for pruning and thinning out.

6.       Mulch – Your borders will be glad to receive some mulching, the soil will soak in all the extra nutrients you are giving it. Use well rotted manure, compost or leaf mould and spread a layer as thick as 2 inches.



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