Growing your own in 2011

Grow your own vegetablesGrowing your own became one of the fastest growing trends of 2010 and it is set to remain a top trend this year as well. Gardeners are now reaping in the benefits of growing your own vegetables and fruit not only because it is cheaper, but also because it is more rewarding and healthier.

A couple of years ago when organic came storming into our supermarkets people were endlessly debating on whether organic is actually better for you and scrutinising the way in which staple food like vegetables were mass produced. However, now everyone is rushing off to buy their organic vegetable seeds and plants instead of the supermarket and benefits of doing so are endless. No more chemicals, cheaper food bills and a healthier lifestyle.  

This is a brilliant resolution to have for 2011, not only will it get onto the road to self-sufficiency it also keeps you outside enjoying fresh air and the surroundings you may have taken for granted.

The Garden Centres will be stocking a tempting range of vegetables for you to try your hand at growing, but make sure you choose the best vegetables to grow in the right season. This will allow you to use the space you have in the best way; giving you maximum pleasure when you cook your favourite meals.  

Have a look at what you could be growing this year.



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