Happy Valentine’s Day

Crocus Glass PlanterHappy Valentine’s Day everyone.

I hope you are all having a wonderful day with your other halves. Whether you will be enjoying a romantic meal in a restaurant or eating a home cooked meal by candlelight relaxing on your conservatory furniture, I hope you have a fantastic evening.

This year Mrs McGregor and I will be staying at home, enjoying a home cooked meal with the children (my daughter recently broke up with her boyfriend, Mrs McGregor has told me) and watching a few films. It will be a nice and relaxing evening.

We both have the day off work, which is lovely; we can spend some quality time together during the day. I have already given Mrs McGregor some flowers; I found this little Crocus Glass Planter and thought it was an ideal Valentine’s present that is a bit different to roses.

I will be taking Mrs McGregor for a nice, relaxing lunch and afterwards have a walk through the forest, located a short drive from the restaurant.

Have a great day,

Mr McGregor


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