Just Bought an Allotment – Useful Tools You Need

Allotment ToolsAllotment Tools

Now you know what preparations are necessary after just purchasing your very own allotment, getting the right tools for the job can be another head scratcher. The usual hand folk and spade is a given along with a digging spade if you need to turn your compost and have big jobs to do, but there is so much more you need, depending on the weather.


Here are a few of the tools we recommend you have for allotment:


In the winter, primarily you need a polytunnel or a fleece at the least. This will help protect your crops from the frosts, snow and winter winds.

Some vegetables need that extra bit of encouragement before planting out into the allotment. Having a propagator will help encourage the growth of your seedlings and help protect them when they are delicate and vulnerable.

Tools that you use in the garden are also useful on the allotment. Having a small hand shear will help you prune back your vegetables, a small rake will assist in removing weeds and an irrigation system will help keep your crops well watered in the hot summer months.

This is not a tool as such, but is a useful tool when it comes to giving your soil the nutrients it needs to grow healthy crops.

Happy growing



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