Mother’s Day

Mother's Day GiftsMrs McGregor and I have been so busy planning for Easter at the end of April that I totally forgot it was Mother’s Day on the 3rd! As usual the kids had forgotten too so I thought it would be best for us to buy something early to save disappointment.

I try and avoid buying every gift from work but this year there is a really good selection of gifts for Mother’s Day, so after unsuccessfully trawling the high street we popped into Notcutts.

Mrs McGregor loves to escape into her shed while I’m at the allotment or watching football and show off her creative flare with her crafts. Recently she has turned her hand to writing, but she tends to leave her notes everywhere around the house and loses half of them. My son spotted this magnetic notepad and thought that this was a perfect gift to give his mum so she can keep all of her notes and ideas together and safe in one place and when placed on the fridge.

Mrs McGregor is also a keen cook and always comes up with marvellous meals when I come home from the allotment with my crops, so this recipe file is a perfect gift from my daughter. Mrs McGregor can keep all her recipes together and even pass it onto the kids when they get a bit older.

When it comes to buying a gift for my mother, I always buy her a book. She gets through a book a week and runs her local book group, reading is her passion. So when I saw this book journal I instantly thought it would be ideal for my mother, I’m sure she will love it (finger’s crossed). She will be able to write down all of books that she has read; what she thought of them and can organise a list of the books that have been recommended to her.

It looks like all the McGregor mothers are going to be happy this Mother’s Day.

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