Help with Spring Cleaning – Buy New Furniture

conservatory furnitureWith April comes the dreaded thought of spring cleaning, but with time, comes damage. You may have used quite strong chemicals in the past, to clean your furniture and now they are playing their part and destroying it. So instead of spring cleaning, spending hours upon hours on your hands and knees, cleaning every nook and cranny, why not make it easy for yourself by buying some indoor furniture?

At Notcutts we want to give you the best quality you can find and a great range for you to choose from. In our Indoor furniture collection you can find an amazing array of oak furniture, from chairs to cupboards and wine tables and conservatory furniture that boasts wonderful wicker cane sets.

What is even better, when you order with us you can be entitled to free delivery. So take a look at our furniture range and enjoy free delivery when you spend £40 or more. If you are a Sage member you will also enjoy a 10% discount, but if you’re not, don’t worry you can join today and reap in all the benefits.

Being a Sage member, not only entitles you to a 10% discount off everything, everyday in garden centres and online, but also:

  • 20% discount when you shop at our shopping events exclusively for you.
  • Two free hot drinks every month
  • Three 2 for 1 restaurant meals
  • Quarterly newsletter 
  • Full year’s calendar of events and demonstrations

There is no other way to shop,



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