My New Garden Furniture Set

Previously before I have shared with you that I have been busy getting the garden ready for the BBQ season, which meant getting my old garden furniture out. Some of it was in quite good shape, which I was surprised about, especially as we have been experiencing some very harsh weather over the winter months. However, a couple of pieces didn’t quite make it and have had to be taken down to the dump.

Mrs McGregor wasn’t too upset about this, as it gave her the chance to shop about and see what new designs she can incorporate into the garden. We began to shop for a new garden furniture set, perfect timing for the Notcutts sale, which has proved very popular indeed!

We really like the Provence 6 seater suite we found on the Notcutts website; with the oval shape table we can have family and friends close together and everyone will be able to see each other. There was also the opportunity to choose the chair cushions and covers as well, which was marvelous as we didn’t have to compromise on what we wanted.

I’m really proud of what we have decided on, it’s very stylish and sits nicely in our garden; it’s a traditional design, but it has a modern twist to it, which makes it such a versatile piece. The fact that the chairs are stackable is yet another reason why we bought it; I don’t want them to be constantly out and I don’t want them to take up too much room in the garage either, so being able to stack them up in a corner is ideal.

Now that our new garden furniture is placed wonderfully next to Mrs McGregor’s rockery (which I have been weeding regularly now that the sun is out) and the arbour has overcome the harsh weather, all that is left to do is strip the bench and varnish it. I think that will be a job my son and daughter can help with, which I’m sure they will be delighted about.

Mr McGregor


3 thoughts on “My New Garden Furniture Set

  1. The set you've chosen is really stylish and the chairs look nice & comfy. So many people get drawn to attractive furniture sets which don't offer comfortable seating, but it looks like you've got the best of both here :-)

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