Our Favourite Garden Furniture Sets

Summer is here and the BBQs have already begun to tempt us back into the garden and enjoy the company of friends and family. We understand when you invite guests over you want to impress them with gourmet food, wonderful table settings and of course a beautiful garden that sets the tone of the evening.

To accomplish this you need to go back to the basics; trim hedges, mow the lawn and do the weeding (our favourite gardening job) – generally make your outdoor space look presentable. Then comes the heavy lifting as you take out your garden furniture set and place strategically in the garden. You may find that all it needs a little tender loving care, a bit of sanding and then vanishing. However, most of the time sprucing up the furniture doesn’t always do the set justice and it needs replacing. Luckily for you we have a great range of garden furniture sets that are suitable for any size and type of garden, whether you have traditional or contemporary style. You can even save over £600 on a set with our Bristol Suite, which includes a parasol, six recliners, extending table and olive coloured cushions.

Maybe you’re not in need of a new garden dining set, but want to create a new seating area? This can easily be done by incorporating a bench companion set like this Oslo Companion Set that is currently half price, or by adding something a bit different and stylish like this cocoon hanging chair with stand.

Creating a living space where people can relax and enjoy the wonders of your garden is the first step to hosting a successful evening; it will allow people to feel at ease and comfortable in their surroundings. The next step is the hard part; preparing, cooking and serving mouth watering food that will have your guests wishing they didn’t have to go home. However, you can find some greatly recommended recipes from Mr Mcgregor. Can we mention BBQ’s here? Linking back to our website category?

To finish your evening why not light a chimenea or firepit? Just because the sun has gone down and the summer breeze is cooling, doesn’t mean you have to retreat to the house. Stay outside and find out what your garden looks like at nightfall.



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