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wimbledon strawberriesAs it’s June, the month of Wimbledon, my Veg of the Month has to go to the Great British strawberry, which technically means I should change the title of this blog to ‘My Fruit of the Month’. No Wimbledon tournament would be complete without a bowl of sweet and juicy Wimbledon strawberries finished with a lashing of double cream.

If you’re already growing your Wimbledon strawberries, you can begin to give them a weekly feed once they’ve produced fruit. I have found the tomato feed, Tomorite works wonders. It’s too late to sow your strawberry seeds now, but you’re just in time to plant some strawberry plants for an almost instant crop.  There are a few points you need to bear in mind when planting; the preferred condition, position and care.


–          You need to plant your strawberries in a sunny, yet sheltered position.


–          Strawberries love a well-drained and thoroughly dug soil.

–          The soil mustn’t be water logged as this can attract mould disease.


–          Strawberries are often susceptible to mould disease which can also be caused due to a wet summer. The best action I found to take is to having a cloche ready to protect them, otherwise remove affected fruits as they’re a source of infective spores.

–          Bed your strawberries down with either the traditional straw or a bundle of fleece if straw is hard to come by. This will encourage your fruits to ripen.

–          Water well through dry spells.

–          Feed your plants with Tomorite when they’ve produced fruits.

With my Veg of the Month I tend to give you a fantastic recipe to try out with your home-grown produce. However, as my Veg of the Month has turned into a fruit and it’s the season of Wimbledon, I think I have a good idea what you’ll be doing with your strawberry crops.

Let’s cheer on Murray,

Mr McGregor


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