Finding Inspiration for your Garden

An inspirational gardenYou have the idea to begin growing your ideal garden or you want to start from scratch and redesign the existing back yard, yet ideas are not flowing as freely as you’d hoped. Planning can be daunting, but with our help and advice we hope you’ll be well away and left itching to get outside.

If yours is a new garden you want to begin by establishing what soil type you will be working with. Soil testing kits can be found in most garden centres, but you can distinguish between them by touch. For more information about soil types take a look at our Garden Library.

Once you know what soil type you have in your garden you can begin to narrow down the plants you can grow. Make sure you find out what each flower’s growing season is, using our dedicated list of all plants and trees you can grow by month in the Garden Library. Choose your plants by their texture and colour with a balance between evergreen and deciduous plants.

Now that you have everything organised and you know what plants you wish to grow and where they will be placed, a general tidy is in order. Cut back hedges, rake up all debris on the lawn, mow the grass and make sure all flower bed edges are neat.

Tip: All trimmings and cuttings can be placed in a compost heap.

If your soil has been untouched for a while, you may need to break it up by giving it a good dig. Whilst digging it may also be a good idea to incorporate some well rotten manure or fertiliser into the soil. This will ensure your flowers blossom well in the coming months.

Lacking Inspiration?

Sourcing inspiration for your garden can be challenging, but extremely rewarding. Mr McGregor recently wrote a wonderful piece about how art has influenced him. It was Claude Monet’s Iris Bed in Monet’s Garden that left quite an impression on the keen gardener. He describes his rockery as filled with the blue and purple colours of blue bells and lavender, which were the colours Monet was most fond of.

Going on a family outing to see some flower shows or maybe a few garden openings could also trigger some much needed inspiration. Do some research and find out what garden openings there are in your local area, you never know their designs could unlock a treasure chest full of ideas.



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