Mad About Chickens

As the trend of becoming self sufficient increases, many are taking up the spade and fork to grow vegetables and fruit Why not take a step further and raise a few chickens? The benefits you’ll receive are unparalleled to anything else; free range and organic eggs to feast on at breakfast, organic poultry (if you choose), a healthier diet and free lessons to children, not to mention they also do wonders for your garden.

Did you know that eggs collected from garden chickens provide a lot more nutrients than factory farmed eggs? Home raised chickens produce eggs that have:

•    25% more Vitamin E
•    A third more Vitamin A
•    75% more beta carotene
•    Significantly more Omega-3 fatty acids

This makes them the perfect breakfast or lunch for growing kids and those looking to change their diets. The same can be said for the chickens themselves. In comparison to factory farmed chickens, ones that are raised with a healthy diet and are free to hunt and peck for bugs have more nutritious value.

It’s a marvellous idea to raise a few chickens when you have children as well. It can teach them responsibility as the chickens will need to be fed daily as well as provided with fresh water every day, the coop must be cleaned regularly and the chickens inspected from time to time. Every child would love to have a pet and chickens are no exception; plus children are sure to enjoy collecting their breakfast every morning.

You will also see positive effects in your garden too. Did you know having chickens hunting and pecking at bugs will not only reduce the amount of pests in your garden, it will also help aerate your lawn?

Keeping your chickens safe and secure

Keeping chickens in urban areas is on the increase and so ensuring their safety is a top priority. Having a chicken hutch or house with a secure run is one of the best ways to guarantee your brood are always kept safe.

Not only is security a priority when keeping chickens, providing warmth during the colder months and supplying them with a space to run around is also imperative. All of this can be provided with one of our houses, which have been specially designed for your brood’s requirements and well being.

A lot of joy can be given when raising your own chickens, why not find out for yourself?



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