Spring Flowering Bulbs

Now that autumn upon us, it’s time to start your spring flowering bulb list. If you want your garden to bloom into a colourful, peaceful and beautiful sanctuary in the spring, plant your bulbs from October to December. Many bulbs have a very long dormant period and need this time to settle and grow, requiring very little attention. With most bulbs needing this long period of dormancy, now is the best time to buy your spring flowers.

At Notcutts we have just launched our Autumn collection of spring flowering bulbs. Our bulbs are always obtained from reliable growers to ensure you buy only the best of the best. You’ll find a great range to choose from including daffodils, crocus, tulips and many other well-known and some not so well-known varieties.

A new Lifestyle collection has also been launched where you can find bulbs such as Tulip Exotic Emperor, Narcissi Kendron, Ranucculi Purple and Iris Eye of the Tiger. Furthermore, to help you get on the way to creating the perfect spring garden, there is a Buy One Get One Free offer on a selection of tulips, crocus and daffodil.

Here are a few tips to bear in mind when buying and growing your bulbs:

•    Ensure they’re as healthy and as fresh as possible – look out for plump and firm bulbs
•    Bulbs shouldn’t feel soft
•    Choose bulbs according to their preferred location and soil type
•    When growing your spring flowering bulbs good drainage and plenty of light is key, especially as many bulbs are prone to rot when dormant

Further bulb tips can be found in our Garden Library.



2 thoughts on “Spring Flowering Bulbs

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  2. For years, I have been shopping at Notcutts near Oxford – and Mattocks before that. My Sage code is: 5 052070 256141. Do you have a scheme whereby, in the late Autumn 2013, one can order from you various plants in pots suitable for delivery the following April, May or June. Obviously, it would only be worth your while if there were a minimum sum involved but it would certainly be more convenient for me. I notice that every year you have interesting plants available but usually quite small. Could you grow these on to the late spring so that they could be delivered as I suggested above? In other words, what is your policy about supplying gardeners at home? Allen Hill, 15 Abberbury Road, Iffley, Oxford OX4 4ET

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