The Benefits of a Sedum Roof

An example of a sedum roofSedum roofs, also known as living or green roofs, use plant life instead of traditional roofing materials and can be installed on flat or gently pitched roofs. The benefits of a Sedum roof are aplenty not only for its appearance, but also because it can encourage biodiversity in an area, helps to alleviate flooding and much more.

One of the greatest advantages of a sedum roof is their ability to make a significant difference when it comes to climate change. Through research it has been proved that these roofs can reduce the amount of heat emitted from urban environments, which contributes to a greener, more ecological environment.

Another is the ability to retain much more rain than a conventional roof, minimising the cause of some flooding and the pressure put on sewage systems.

However, we think you will love this benefit most of all; not only will it help create a greener environment; it will also help to make your money go further. Sedum roofs are known to provide some insulation during winter and help reduce the need for air conditioners during warmer months – thus saving on gas and electricity bills.

A sedum roof is made up of a combination of soil, sedum plants and small pockets of air trapped between the plants, which lead to the next advantage. Through these components lower and higher frequency noises can be blocked out, reducing the level of outdoor noise heard. The sounds of heavy rain and harsh winds are insulted by the plants, which contributes to a peaceful home or office.

Last, but not least, the final benefit of a sedum roof comes in the form of wildlife. According to research conducted in the UK and Switzerland, sedum or living roofs create a micro climate for wildlife such as rare birds and insects. They also help filter airborne pollutants in the atmosphere.

All in all these roofs can provide us with warmth, energy savings and help us do our part for the environment.



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