Christmas Wish List

Many people are much more organised in front of the festive season than I am and the inevitable question has already been thrown my way – ‘What would you like for Christmas?’

There are always plenty of presents for the garden that I would like and they often raise eyebrows. From new tools, which inevitably need replacing every so often, to a piece of ‘wall art’ or an outdoor mirror for the house wall by the dining room, I have a rolling ‘wish list’ that never goes away! Giving someone a lawn rake (ours has seen far better days and now has some of its tines missing) may seem like a strange gift and a challenging one to wrap as well, but it would make me very happy!

Secateurs are sometimes lost in our garden and nearly always abused by using them to prune branches and twigs on plants that are far too big for them to cope with and where a pruning saw is required. Both these items make good gifts and don’t have to be expensive. I wonder how many pairs of blunt secateurs there are in garden sheds around the country? ‘Bypass’ secateurs are the best sort as the blades do literally that and create a cleaner cut. ‘Anvil’ secateurs are fine for softer growth such as cutting flowers but I would always bypass pruners to deal with woody growth and a pruning saw to cope with larger branches.

My husband once bought me a wheel barrow for my birthday which was an ideal present as I had just started my allotment and used it to wheel tools and plants to the site instead of getting the car out. As well as a ‘normal’ wheelbarrow there are a range of garden trollies and trailers at Notcutts which can be viewed on the website – ideal for larger gardens. In our own small garden I find a floppy plastic trug is ideal to throw weeds and trimmings into and carry them to the compost heap.

Although some people prefer to give a ‘proper’ present, Notcutts Gift vouchers are a great way of saving towards larger items or to put towards plants or new containers. Nowadays, many of us buy what we need when we need it and often vouchers are a great way of helping out. I like to buy a specific item with them so that I can report back – often it will be a new plant or special container.

Summer seems a long way off at the moment and I am not one to wish my life away, preferring to take each day as it comes and enjoy it but I do like to lie in the sun when I have time. For the last couple of years, I have been making do with a mismatched combination of an old lounger frame and a cushion from another piece of furniture so I would love my own lounger. No doubt our cat would agree with me!


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