There is still plenty of the summertime left which means plentybackyard-bbq-menu-ideas of opportunity to enjoy the sun and what better way to do it than to get the BBQ lit up, invite some family and friends over and decorate your garden for a day of fun, food and good memories. So, we will run you through our top tips for hosting a great garden party.

First of all it is time to get the BBQ out and ready to be used, which needs a good clean before and after each use, use a Weber BBQ grill brush and a Weber wire t-brush to get the best results and to keep it looking like new all year round. If using a charcoal BBQ remember to be patient, charcoal is not ready for cooking until the coals are grey or covered in ash, typically 30-45 minutes after lighting. However if you wish to give your BBQ further encouragement then try using briquettes or a chimney starter set. Now you can get preparing your mouth-watering recipes to keep guests happy.

However, it can all lie in the finer details when making your garden party unforgettable.

Setting the scene is essential when wanting to make an impression, it is a good idea to clean your garden furniture the day before your event, washing with warm water and a soft cloth will suffice. Add some bunting to bring out that party look and feel. Some table decorations wouldn’t go a miss, add a table runner to brighten up the table without getting the corners dirty. Freshen up your furniture with some new seat pads or cushions for a new colour scheme to suit your mood. However, you don’t have to spend lots to set the scene of your garden party, you could hand pick flowers from your garden and put them in a vase, what could be more beautiful.

As we all know the great British summer is susceptible to some light showers, make sure to be prepared for this, try our range of gazebos that are all waterproof allowing your guests to still enjoy the party without getting soaked. Our gazebos come with tie back curtains to get out of the sun if it gets a bit too hot. Alternatively our range of parasols will provide perfect shade over the food table. Picking up some nylon food covers will protect your food from bugs and insects to ease those worries of hosting.

If your party runs into the night try some easy to use LED garden lights to create a lovely atmosphere and you can create this natural look setting all summer long, pick from our range of lanterns, party and solar stake lights. As the sunsets and the evening cools down, being outdoors can get a bit chilly but if you want to stay outdoors while staying warm it might be a good idea to start up a chimenea or fire pit.

If you’re throwing a garden party be sure to make it easy so that you are able to enjoy the party yourself. Use melamine tableware which come in a range of different styles and colours to decorate your table and you won’t have any breakages to worry about. Use disposable cutlery and paper napkins especially if entertaining a large crowd and it means no washing up. Save yourself from running to and from the house by using large lemonade containers for drinks. Instead of sourcing extra chairs and having to pack those up it may be easier to place a throw on the grass for extra seating.


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