Autumn Garden Tidy Up


Autumn can be a busy time in the garden. It might seem like a quieter time of the year but keeping on top of the garden through the autumn helps keep your garden in good condition over the winter and preparing in advance for spring next year.

As the trees begin to change and move into autumn you will have a steady flow of leaves falling to the ground that need clearing up. Don’t just throw these into the brown bin though, pop them on the compost heap or start one from scratch to make the most of your garden wastage. It won’t be ready to use for a couple of years but you’ll be glad of it when it is as it will put back so many great nutrients into your garden and all naturally.

Why not also get ahead of the seasons and start planting out your spring bulbs. You might think it’s early, but actually it’s the perfect time. Plant them now and you will reap the rewards come spring next year with a colourful display of flowers filling your garden borders and pots.

Why not take a look at pruning and training rambling roses in the garden to by cutting out some of the old wood that has flowered and tying in young shoots. If you have got any shrubs and conifers in the wrong place in your garden, now is the perfect time to be digging them up and moving them to where you want. Dig up as large a root ball as possible and keep evergreens well watered through any dry weather.

If you’re going to be storing plants in your greenhouse over the winter you should maybe look at insulating it. Bubble wrap makes for a great lining, providing insulation through the winter. If you have a greenhouse heater you might also want to check it’s in full working order before the cold really sets in.

And finally, when the weather starts to turn and you have to succumb to it being too cold to enjoy a leisurely lunch in the garden, clean down and store away your garden furniture for winter. Storing it away in a dry place over winter means it will be in good condition for coming out again next year and won’t have suffered outdoors over the winter months.




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