How to Revive Your Hanging Baskets This Autumn

Hanging Basket

How is your hanging basket looking now that the colder weather is here?

If it’s not looking its best, then fear not – you are certainly not alone.  All too common a sight in gardens everywhere at this time of year, hang countless baskets which –having burst with colour all summer – now lay bedraggled and dried out, the glory days of summer behind them.

But it really doesn’t have to be like this.

Even in these darker, colder months, your hanging basket can still be an attractive finishing touch, drawing colour to the eye line and bringing cheer to those grey mornings. In fact, whereas summer will give life to three, perhaps four months of bloom, your hardy autumn/winter basket will last for six months giving you real value for money.

Whilst we may not be able to rival the variety of colour from the summer season, there is still plenty of choice. Here are a few of our favourites…

Start with your trailing plants, which will spill over the basket and cover the sides; Creeping Thyme, Ivy, or a trailing pansy will work well.

You really can’t go wrong with the fully hardy Violas, or The Mini Cyclamen which is a real showstopper with its pink red and white flowers – bringing some much welcomed colour to your winter garden. It also has a silver patterned foliage which is really rather lovely.

In fact, foliage can look so attractive at this time of year – not only will it add texture, your basket will look far more interesting. We like grasses, ferns, Heuchera, Dwarf Conifers and Euonymus.

Just as you will continue to deadhead (pansies, violas and cyclamen in particular  – regular deadheading means fresh flowering), don’t forget to water your basket (especially if underneath a porch arch or roofing). Even if it’s a once a week, check that your soil has plenty of moisture.

What are your favourite ideas for an Autumn/Winter Hanging Basket? Let us know below or  post your pictures on our Facebook or Twitter Page.



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