Sowing The Seeds For Stress Awareness

Stress Awareness Infographic

Feeling the pressure? Growing numbers of people certainly are. What if the ultimate stress reliever is just outside…

With the darker nights upon us, and just weeks until Christmas, it can feel as though these busy days are flying by at increasing speed. Indeed, it is often said that time is the new luxury, and for many, the pace and stresses of modern life can be overwhelming, particularly at this time of year.

The start of the month saw National Stress Awareness Day and chance to highlight some of its causes and preventatives. In recent years, we’ve seen growing numbers of people diagnosed with S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder), which brings on feelings of melancholy and low mood. The lack of sunlight and bleak weather can really impact on how we feel.

Getting some time in the fresh air and daylight can be so beneficial at this time of year for health and general wellbeing. However, with some parts of the country having seen the first frosts of the season, finding the motivation to get outside can be a challenge.

Stuck for ideas? Here are five pointers to get you outside…

1. As well as commercial bird food, cake crumbs, cheese and uncooked fruit also goes down well with many species through the winter months. Make sure fresh water is always available for drinking and bathing, especially when the ground is frozen.

2. Walk around the garden on a sunny day and think about any changes you would like to make next year. Gardens are never finished – they are always evolving!

3. Move half hardy plants growing in containers to a greenhouse for the winter.

4. Remove moss and algae from block paving and patio areas using a moss killer for this purpose.

5. Plant trees, shrubs, fruit and Roses into well prepared ground. Remember to stake tall plants and trees until they are established.

You can find more tips for this time of year by clicking here.

So, wrap up warm and come outside…it’s good for your health!


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