Allotment Jobs for the Autumn

Talking to fellow allotment holders over the last few weeks, we are all agreed that this has not been the best of years for vegetable growing. I feel very sorry for all of the new allotment holders – what a year to start growing your own vegetables! Even I have struggled to stay enthusiastic with the amount of rain and wind that we have had…Read More

Gardening Leave

Gardening Leave is a charity that aims to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of service personnel with the use of horticultural therapy. Set up in 2007, Gardening Leave believes that the use of therapeutic horticulture will improve social, motivational and personal skills. At Notcutts we believe Gardening Leave to be a noteworthy charity assisting ex-Service personnel in coming to terms with living a civilian…Read More

A Sweet Pea Disaster

My Sweet Peas have been a disaster this summer. The wet weather has not given them a chance and we miss coming back from the allotment with the multi coloured bunches to fill vases and scent the house. They are the best of annual climbers for cutting! Leucanthemum x superbum Beaute NivelloiseAlthough our garden is full of colour throughout the year, it is always nice…Read More

Harvest time on the allotment at last!

After a visit to my allotment last Friday, I was on the verge of giving up for the year! Not content with eating my runner bean plants, rabbits had also destroyed a row of peas, trimmed my seedling leek plants and scraped up a row of carrot seedlings! In exasperation and in wet and windy weather, I decided to put my French bean plants in,…Read More

On the Allotment

I walked down to the allotment yesterday evening, having not visited it for a week and was delighted to see that my first row of early peas are suddenly full of white flowers and growing vigorously at last! The broad beans too are full of their striking black and white flowers and there were plenty of bees working on them to ensure good pollination and…Read More