Decorating the House for Christmas


At this time of the year, many of us will be raiding our gardens for the finishing touches to our Christmas decorations. With a can of spray paint, some flower arrangers foam or a readymade wreath base, even I with practically no artistic skills can make some original decorations using free material gathered from the garden. Our Holly has always been useful to adorn picture…Read More

Christmas Wish List

Many people are much more organised in front of the festive season than I am and the inevitable question has already been thrown my way – ‘What would you like for Christmas?’ There are always plenty of presents for the garden that I would like and they often raise eyebrows. From new tools, which inevitably need replacing every so often, to a piece of ‘wall…Read More

Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree

We have had many types of Christmas trees over the years including Hazel and Birch twigs cut from the garden and decorated with a few cherished baubles. One year we had a massive Norway spruce, so large that they would hardly fit into the corner of the sitting room in the small cottage that we owned in Kent! My husband and I both enjoy Christmas…Read More