The first signs of spring in the garden

Helleborus x hybridus 'Betty Rannicar'

The high winds of late have hit our garden but still the first signs of spring won’t be defeated. Bright yellow Daffodils are popping up everywhere, bowing their heads in recognition of the strength of the wind and Snowdrops, lower to the ground and planted in more sheltered positions, are piercing through the soil, their pristine white flowers already visible as they emerge still ensconced…Read More

Winter Colour in the Garden

Skimmia japonica

Bare branches are all around us in the garden and the evergreen shrubs and trees stand out with their bold shapes and welcome colour. Miscanthus ‘Variegatus’ is still in flower, it’s plume-like seed heads waving defiantly in the strong winds and another variety, although wearing its golden winter coat, glows in low sunlight and is a fountain of bleached out seed heads. Many winter flowering…Read More

The last blooms of late summer


The garden is taking a breather at the moment and is very much between seasons. The last blooms of late summer perennials are hanging on to their petals, bowed but unbroken by recent rain and winds and many of the ornamental grasses are at their magnificent peak. Japanese Anemones are still flowering but also sporting plenty of fluffy seed heads ready to be taken by…Read More

The accidental shrubbery

Alison Levey of is an obsessive gardener based in Leicester and like our very own Mr McGregor would never describe herself as a professional, although we would certainly always take her advice on board. Through this article Alison tells us why she is growing a fondness for shrubbery. Shrubberies are a bit old hat really aren’t they?  I cannot think of a time recently…Read More

The Lesser Known World of the Horticultural Show

Photo courtesy of Helen JohnstoneHelen Johnstone from The Patient Gardener gives us her personal account of what it truly feels like to exhibit at a prestigious flower show. From overcoming fear and experiencing a plethora of feelings all at once, Helen tells us what it is all really about. There is a side to the gardening world which gets little publicity, but for me is…Read More