Create A Bee Friendly Garden

Honey bee flying away

  The importance of bee’s Who doesn’t love wildlife visiting the garden? So why not choose your plants carefully to help encourage wildlife to make a return visit? Bee’s in particular are a highly important visitor to the garden. Bees pollinate a third of everything we eat and play a vital role in sustaining the planet’s ecosystems. Some 84% of the crops grown for human…Read More



As we reach high summer, it isn’t too late to add inspiration to your garden with colour and vibrant perennials. It is now a great time for perennials as they can flower up until as late as October keeping some life in your garden through summer and into autumn. The colour pallet of perennials is vast, that are intriguing to the expert gardeners just as…Read More

Insects and Butterflies in the Garden

There are still plenty of insects and butterflies in the garden at the moment enjoying the nectar and Flowering Shrubpollen from late summer flowering shrubs and perennials. Our white Buddleja davidii has been very popular with Red Admiral and Peacock butterflies this year and I have also seen Hummingbird Hawk Moths buzzing back and forth – they really do look like miniature Hummingbirds and are…Read More

Insects busy in our garden

On warm, sunny days insects are always busy in our garden. From Hoverflies to Ladybirds, butterflies and Hummingbird Hawk Moths, I could watch them for hours as they fly from flower to flower or, as in the case of Ladybirds, patrol the new growth tips on shrubs and vegetables looking for their favourite food – aphids. Many insects are beneficial to gardeners, either by pollinating…Read More

A cautionary tale

Lyme disease is something that most of us have heard about, but something we don’t really talk about, after all it can only be contracted in the USA, right? We couldn’t be more wrong and now Joanne of wants to share her cautionary tale about the unforgiving Lyme disease. As one of the thousands of hobby gardeners I put my arthritis pains and stiffness…Read More