Getting ready in the vegetable garden

Onion Sets Growing

Although my vegetable garden is still very wet, there are several jobs that need doing now if I am to stay ahead when the weather improves and the soil gets warm enough to plant. I have already purchased my seed potatoes from Notcutts and am saving egg boxes so that the seed can be stood in them to ‘chit’. ‘Chitting’ is said to produce an…Read More

Fruits from the Garden

Fruits from the garden

I am an avid chutney maker and this year has been a bumper one with the store cupboard filling up fast! As well as using our home grown courgettes, onions and runner beans I am always given plenty of fruit which gets ‘recycled’ into jars and some of it returned to the donor as chutney or pickle. Plums, pears and apples have all been ‘googled’…Read More

Watering Your Garden

Infrequent showers, thundery rain and misty mornings are often not enough to top up moisture levels in the ground and new plants will dry out fast in the sun – especially if it’s a breezy day. The following tips will save time and water and help keep your plants in tip top condition. Planting in the ground Prepare the ground well before planting and add…Read More

News from the Gravel Garden

When we moved to our current house almost fifteen years ago we inherited a blank canvas. We had the house built and the front garden is south facing but very exposed and open to winds from all directions. The topsoil was removed before the build began but we were lucky enough to get some delivered for nothing once we were ready to make the garden….Read More

Gardens are never finished – They just keep evolving

At this time of the year, with plants growing so fast, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the garden. New growth is everywhere and shrubs that were too small for their allocated space only a few years ago are now jostling for room with their neighbours! ‘Gardens are never finished – they just keep evolving’ – I keep telling myself this as I make decisions on…Read More