Gardening Jobs to do

With the first flush of summer over and autumn yet to make itself known, the garden can often look exhausted. So use your resources and with these guidelines, bring the garden and vegetable patch back to life. Trimming and Cuttings •    Take cuttings from any shrubby herbs•    When your lavender has finished flowering cut it back•    Take cuttings from any tender perennials, fuchsias, argyranthemums, salvias,…Read More

How to grow your own without a garden

When we talk about “grow your own” it’s all too easy to assume there is a garden or allotment available. However, with the trend of being self-sufficient becoming increasingly popular, here at Notcutts we are being asked how people without an open area can still grow their own vegetables. Without an outdoor space the number and choice of crops you can grow is limited, but…Read More

Firepits and chimineas

When the heat of a barbecue disappears and evening draws in, why not cosy up to the warmth of a chiminea or firepit? Just because the sun has gone down doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to being indoors; why not enjoy your garden under the moonlight? Not only do firepits and chimineas provide warmth, they also make attractive focal points in the garden…Read More

Getting Children back out into the garden

Get your children or grandchildren off their game consoles and into the garden with our fantastic range of outdoor games. Today, it seems we don’t see much of our children as many prefer to sit in front of the TV playing and talking to their friends online. However, next time you have a BBQ why not ask them if they would like to have a…Read More

Plant of the Month | Hibiscus

The Hibiscus is a tropical plant that needs light and, perhaps more importantly, warmth to thrive. They are one of the most dramatic shrubs you can grow in a temperate garden climate and with the right care they will be a long-lasting, lovely addition to your garden. In Suffolk the Hibiscus has become a speciality crop for Notcutts, so much so that we’re now proud…Read More