Spring Tidy Up


At last a sunny day and time for a long overdue catch up in the garden! I have pruned the rest of the Miscanthus to the ground now and they always look so much better when their winter coats of straw are removed. Already there are new shoots appearing that will flower next autumn and I have been doing my best to dodge these with…Read More

Autumn Tidy Up

Geranium Rozanne

I am way behind in the garden this autumn. Other projects in the house are taking up far too much of my ‘spare’ time and whenever I have a moment the weather is against me! Perennials such as Phlox and Geraniums still need to be cut back and borders need to be cleared of fallen leaves so that mulch can be applied. The compost heaps…Read More

Protecting Tender Plants Through Winter

winter protection

Many gardeners will be in a dilemma at this time of the year wondering how to protect their favourite plants that are not winter hardy. We have put together a few handy tips to help you. Which to save Some bedding plants such as Lobelia, Marigolds, Begonia semperflorens (fiberous rooted Begonias) and Alyssum are ‘annuals’. This means that they will only last for one summer…Read More

Miscanthus in Winter

miscanthus in winter

After the rich colours and jewel-like berries of autumn, winter can be a dull affair but there will still be plenty to enjoy and spring will pop her head around the corner before we know it. Already there are signs that plants are preparing for next year with pointed flower buds deep in the heart of Rhododendrons and Camellias waiting to explode into colour next…Read More

To weed or not to weed

At Notcutts we’ve caught up with Anne Wareham again to see what she has been up to since her last piece, Beware Experts Bearing Punitive Advice in 2012. Anne is a garden writer for newspapers and magazines, and the editor of the website  Thinkingardens.co.uk. Along with her husband, garden photographer, Charles Hawes, they made the garden at Veddw, which is open to the public. Since publishing her book,…Read More