Winter Colour in the Garden

Skimmia japonica

Bare branches are all around us in the garden and the evergreen shrubs and trees stand out with their bold shapes and welcome colour. Miscanthus ‘Variegatus’ is still in flower, it’s plume-like seed heads waving defiantly in the strong winds and another variety, although wearing its golden winter coat, glows in low sunlight and is a fountain of bleached out seed heads. Many winter flowering…Read More

I am a big fan of plants that have more than one interesting feature – scented leaves on an evergreen perhaps or attractive leaves through the growing season which also have vibrant autumn colours. Some really are plants for all seasons. We have a Parrotia tree in the back garden – far too big for its allotted space – but I love it for several…Read More

Summer Scents

Summer scents are everywhere in the garden now. From the pungent smell of the Curry Plant near our front door to the sweet smell of Honeysuckle so seductive at night, the garden is full of them. Just beginning to flower at last are the Mock Orange Blossoms, their creamy white flowers gradually emerging to cover fresh green leaves. I am always straight out in the…Read More

The Vegetable Garden

I am really enjoying my raised vegetable beds this spring and they have already proved to be very productive although keeping birds off some of the plants has been a challenge! We have been eating salad crops for weeks and the leaves last so much longer in the fridge than those bought in the supermarkets as well as tasting much fresher! Spinach too has been…Read More

One of my favourite shrubs is the Mock Orange Blossom (Philadelphus) and we have two in our garden. They are very easy to grow in sun or partial shade and soil which is not too dry. At this time of the year, the beautifully scented flowers are beginning to open – glowing white against their bright green backdrop. Like many flowering shrubs the blossoms only…Read More