Veg of the Month

Earlier in the year I began to grow an abundance of vegetables for the family. I sowed a few peppers, onions, calabrese, garlic and my veg of the month, leek. I have chosen this vegetable before in my monthly post, but it was harvested as a winter crop. However, this summer the family and I have enjoyed my young leeks as a mild substitute for…Read More

Veg of the Month

It’s that time again, to name my crop of the month. I tend to have difficulty choosing between the array of crops that can be grown or harvested during the month. However, this time it was simple, I knew exactly which crop I wanted to talk about. My Veg of the Month is the plump and juicy tomato. My son has recently tried his hand…Read More

Veg Of The Month

As it’s June, the month of Wimbledon, my Veg of the Month has to go to the Great British strawberry, which technically means I should change the title of this blog to ‘My Fruit of the Month’. No Wimbledon tournament would be complete without a bowl of sweet and juicy Wimbledon strawberries finished with a lashing of double cream. If you’re already growing your Wimbledon…Read More

Growing Beetroot

It’s my Veg of the Month and easily one of my favourite vegetables I see in the salad bowl. The beetroot is a mighty vegetable that boasts a vibrant colour and a delicious taste, plus they are so easy to grow. I’m flabbergasted when I see how many people are putting beetroot in their trolleys at the supermarket, all it takes is a little patience…Read More