Sowing The Seeds For Stress Awareness

Stress Awareness Infographic

Feeling the pressure? Growing numbers of people certainly are. What if the ultimate stress reliever is just outside… With the darker nights upon us, and just weeks until Christmas, it can feel as though these busy days are flying by at increasing speed. Indeed, it is often said that time is the new luxury, and for many, the pace and stresses of modern life can…Read More

A winter garden with signs of spring

Ancient woodland in West Cornwall

After a wet and windy Christmas the garden looks very dishevelled, but already there are signs of spring. More Daffodils are beginning to shoot through the ground, their green leaves standing defiantly in the now sodden soil and winter flowers are being coaxed from their buds adding flashes of colour. The beauty of mature trees never ceases to make me smile and through the winter…Read More