Getting ready in the vegetable garden

Onion Sets Growing

Although my vegetable garden is still very wet, there are several jobs that need doing now if I am to stay ahead when the weather improves and the soil gets warm enough to plant. I have already purchased my seed potatoes from Notcutts and am saving egg boxes so that the seed can be stood in them to ‘chit’. ‘Chitting’ is said to produce an…Read More

Shady Characters

Geranium Macrorrhizum

Lots of shade loving plants come into their own early in the year whilst there are no leaves on the trees to block out valuable sunlight. Once they have flowered, many then concentrate on making huge leaves through what is left of the growing season or go into dormancy, dying back underground until they re-emerge the following spring to grow at an alarming rate. One…Read More

Dealing with the Unseasonably Wet Weather

Flooded Gardens

Many of us will be worried by recent weather events and how they will affect our gardens and more specifically the plants in them. Here at Notcutts we have put together a few guidelines to help gardeners deal with the aftermath. Don’t be too quick to condemn plants in the spring. Just because a plant hasn’t begun to grow away doesn’t mean that it won’t….Read More

A winter garden with signs of spring

Ancient woodland in West Cornwall

After a wet and windy Christmas the garden looks very dishevelled, but already there are signs of spring. More Daffodils are beginning to shoot through the ground, their green leaves standing defiantly in the now sodden soil and winter flowers are being coaxed from their buds adding flashes of colour. The beauty of mature trees never ceases to make me smile and through the winter…Read More

The first signs of spring in the garden

Helleborus x hybridus 'Betty Rannicar'

The high winds of late have hit our garden but still the first signs of spring won’t be defeated. Bright yellow Daffodils are popping up everywhere, bowing their heads in recognition of the strength of the wind and Snowdrops, lower to the ground and planted in more sheltered positions, are piercing through the soil, their pristine white flowers already visible as they emerge still ensconced…Read More