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Garden furniture care guide

It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to expand your home through your garden. You can provide your family with another space to relax, entertain and play in whilst enjoying the great outdoors.

Garden furniture can last for many years, so long as we provide it with a little TLC every once in a while - taking care of your garden furniture couldn't be easier with our step-by-step care guide below:

Hardwood Wooden furniture

Hardwoods like Teak and Eucalyptus have a high natural oil content, which makes them weather resistant – perfect for keeping outside no matter what the elements throw at it.

Hardwood furniture you can find at Notcutts includes FSC Eucalyptus, FSC Teak, Mahogany and Roble.

Pre Care

• Hardwood doesn't require any treatment, but if you’d like to improve the appearance of the wood, a little teak oil or stain can go a long way.

• Over time the wood’s colouring can alter to grey, so apply teak oil once immediately after purchase, before it comes into contact with water, to prolong its life.

• Teak oil applied every three to six weeks can help to preserve the original colouring.

Post Care

• Little maintenance is required if you’ve chosen a hardwood garden furniture set. However, every year a little scrub with mild soapy water and a soft brush can prolong the life of your furniture.

• Once you’ve scrubbed it down, allow it to dry and then apply a wood preservative.

Softwood Wooden furniture

Softwood too can be left outside in the wet and cold, as long as the wood is tantalised. Tantalised softwood has been pressure-treated which protects it from rot whilst making it weather resistant. Softwood furniture you can find at Notcutts includes single softwood timber and pine.

Pre Care

We would recommend that you treat any softwood garden furniture with a water-based wood stain.

Post Care

• Every year give your softwood garden furniture a wash down with mild soapy water.

• As softwoods are prone to rot, we would recommend that you re-apply your water-based wood stain once a year – it will also help to keep your garden furniture looking pristine.

• Always follow the maintenance instructions given when looking after your furniture.

Rattan furniture

Not only is Rattan furniture extremely attractive to have in the garden it is also durable and lightweight. However, this is only the case for modern rattan constructed using High Density Polyethylene (HDPE or PE), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or Polyurethane (PU), as natural rattan that’s not treated can lead to weathering and rot.

The majority of our rattan garden furniture is constructed using weatherproof PVC rattan and boasts rust-resistant frames, allowing you to leave it outdoors. To ensure longevity we would recommend that you clean your furniture weekly and thoroughly once a year.

Pre Care

We would recommend that you place small cushioned stoppers under each leg to prevent any splintering, cracking and damage.

Cleaning rattan weekly

You will need a soft cloth, small brush or tooth brush, a bowl, water and washing up liquid:.

• Create bubbles in a bowl using water and washing up liquid. Take your cloth, dip it into the bubbles (bubbles only) and wash your furniture. If you use the water you can run the risk of damaging the rattan.

• To get into the crevices use a small brush or toothbrush and clean using the bubbles from the washing up liquid.

Cleaning rattan annually

You will need a paintbrush and lacquer, toothbrush or small brush, a bowl, water, washing up liquid and a hair dryer (optional).

• If you need to remove stains, scrub the rattan using the bubbles from your bowl of water and washing up liquid with a small brush or toothbrush. You can use a small amount of water from the bowl.

• You will need to let it dry; do this by either using a hair dryer or leaving it outside in the sun. Lacquer can then been applied with your paintbrush to provide additional protection.

Restoring rattan (cracked, split or dry)

You will need a soft cloth, boiled linseed oil (it must be boiled so it dries and hardens) and a small brush:

• Apply boiled linseed oil with a brush until the rattan won’t absorb any more oil.

• Wipe it clean with a soft cloth and allow it to dry or harden.

Metal and Cast Aluminium furniture

Our metal garden furniture range has been powder-coated to ensure durability; however we can’t guarantee that it won’t corrode in time, although a little shower from time to time shouldn't do much harm.

The majority of this range has been treated with tough surface coatings too, but in case they do fall victim to weathering follow these tips below:

• Store furniture under cover during winter and during rain showers.

• If the surface exposes the bare metal underneath, touch up the paintwork with car paint in a matching colour.

• It is important that you touch up any surface area where the polyester coating is damaged or peeled with a matching car or metal paint.

• Touch up any chips to the surface as well with a matching car or metal paint.

Furniture covers

Furniture covers are a really good idea in order to protect your equipment out of season or during bad weather. We have a range of covers for benches, chairs, table and chair sets, parasols and BBQs.

These covers will completely shelter your furniture from the elements while also keeping pests away. We advise that you use these covers particularly in the autumn and winter, or if you are expecting really heavy rainfall.


The Great British Weather can be touch on our gardens sometimes. The very best way to preserve and care for your garden furniture, especially over Winter - is to move it indoors.