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Garden Furniture Buyers Guide

Buying a new piece of garden furniture is fun but can be a little nerve-wracking. There are lots of options to consider and decisions to be made. Never fear...we’re here to help! With our handy furniture buying guide, we've explored our most frequently asked furniture questions in a bid to make finding the new addition to your garden enjoyable, fun and nerve-free!

Whether you’re looking for a wooden bench for two or a resin weave suite for eight, we’re confident we have something for everyone at Notcutts. Only furniture of the highest standard makes it into our garden centres and online shop, so you can browse in confidence knowing that any garden furniture you buy from Notcutts will be comfortable, look great and last for years.

What type of garden furniture should I buy?

The beauty of our gardens is that they are all different and all unique. When choosing a new piece of furniture it really is all about you and your garden. We often advise customers looking for a new piece of furniture to start by thinking about how they like to use their gardens. When do you enjoy your garden? Who uses it? How often? What do you primarily use it for?

Answering these questions can help when settling on the type of furniture you buy. For example, if your family of four frequently swells at weekends with visiting grandparents, favourite aunts and friendly neighbours, we recommend choosing a larger 6 or 8 seat suite. That will give you the space to accommodate extra people without having to drag your dining table outside. The extra chairs can easily be removed and put in the garage when not needed.

If you don’t often have sit down meals outside, you may prefer low sofa-style seating to a formal suite arrangement. Again, if you can, it’s good to allow for some additional spaces for guests. You don’t have to buy one piece to accommodate everyone – consider buying some separate loungers or chairs to bring out when required.

The same rule applies to smaller, individual pieces like garden benches. Available in various lengths from 2ft to 8ft, benches are wonderfully flexible. Depending on the space you have (see ‘What size garden furniture would suit my garden?’ below) you can opt for a single long bench, perhaps making the most of a fabulous view, or two shorter benches facing each other - perfect for a late afternoon BBQ.

What size garden furniture would suit my garden?

The space, shape and layout of your garden will play a big part in the size of furniture you choose. You might have a small sheltered patio or a large sun dappled lawn. Or perhaps you have a generous decking area or a modest urban balcony. Whatever your garden has to offer, you’ll find something for your outside space at Notcutts.

When contemplating a new piece of garden furniture we recommend having a good measure up first. Measure the total area you have to use for your new furniture, then consider how much space you’ll need to ensure you can still comfortably access and enjoy your new furniture. You don’t want to be crammed in like sardines! We recommend allowing a 1m clearance around your furniture – especially if it is a traditional table with surrounding chairs.

Once you know the size of garden furniture you can fit in the space you have, it’s time for the fun part; browsing. You may already have a style in mind (if you don’t, our question below on materials may help). Once you’ve found a piece you like, check the measurements. Most of our garden furniture comes with handy dimensions like this...

Dimensions Sketch

You’ll also find a detailed description and a selection of photographs to help you in making your decision.

What materials are available?

Gone are the days when wood was your only garden furniture option. Now, alongside beautiful eucalyptus, teak, roble and mahogany, garden furniture is now widely available in modern metals and on trend resin weave. We've explored each material to help you decide which is right for you and your garden.

We love the unique nature of wood – you’ll never find one piece of wooden garden furniture the same. All have truly unique colourings and markings.

Tropical hard woods like teak, roble and eucalyptus have a high natural oil content, making them naturally water resistant. Garden furniture made of these woods can be left outside to weather naturally – they’ll develop a lovely silver grey colour. Exposure to wind, rain and sun will cause the wood to develop small cracks along the grain. This is perfectly natural, but to prolong the life of your wooden garden furniture we do recommend investing in some furniture covers to use during the harsher winter months.

Wood furniture is also wonderfully adaptable. Fancy a new look in your garden? No problem. Wood furniture often lends itself well to the addition of new cushions or perhaps – if you have a spare weekend – a good sanding and new lick of paint in the latest shade of colour.
Want to find out how to best care for wood garden furniture? See our handy care guide.

We love the modern coolness metal brings to a garden. Available in an array of shapes, sizes and colours, metal complements any patio, lawn, decking or balcony – no matter the size.

All of our metal furniture is given a good coating of anti-rust treatment so it can be enjoyed whatever the weather. Our aluminium furniture is especially popular – it’s rain resistant and study, yet still lightweight enough to move around the garden. Our sets and suites even come with shower resistant cushions! Cast aluminium construction on these suites means no rusting, while the stainless steel fixings we use ensure your furniture can be left out all year round making them virtually maintenance free.

Looking for a smaller, foldable piece of furniture? We have lots of these in our range and they are perfect for offering extra seating at the drop of a hat. They are ideal for popping out on a sunny day in the garden or taking with you to picnics and beach trips. Lightweight and portable, these foldout pieces are easy moved and best stored away when not in use.

Want some more tips for metal garden furniture care? See our handy care guide.

Resin Weave

The newest – and hottest – material for your garden. Hugely popular, we love the soft lines, ultimate comfort and irresistible warmth you get from resin weave garden furniture.

Resin weave is perfect for formal dining – think 4, 6 or 8 seat suites – as well as more relaxed sofa sets and loungers. A modern twist on traditional wicker, resin weave is much hardier, providing a material that is weather resistant, tear resistant and supple. Happy in both hot and cold temperatures, resin weave can be left out year round.

Available in light caramel, soft grey and rich chocolate tones, there’s a resin weave option to suit all gardens. Generously proportioned, resin weave garden furniture is often better suited to slightly larger spaces.

Want to find out how to best care for resin weave garden furniture? See our handy care guide.

How should I store my garden furniture?

How you store your garden furniture really depends on the material it is made from. While all of our wood, metal and resin weave furniture is weather resistant, it’ll stay looking its very best for longer if you protect it during periods of cold, wet or unusually adverse weather.

Larger suites and sets are not easily moved. For these we would recommend investing in furniture covers. These can be easily thrown over your set to protect it from the worst of the rain and snow. Before doing this, remove soft accessories like parasols and cushions. Pop into black bin liners and tie tightly. Store inside or in a shed or garage. Another top tip – ensure your furniture is dry before covering to avoid mould forming or rot setting in.

For smaller pieces, like chairs, loungers and foldable sets these are best stored in a shed or garage when not in use. 

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