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Keeping your garden safe and secure

Whilst gardens aren’t necessarily the first place that you think of when you think of burglary targets, they’re actually pretty popular. There can be a lot of expensive equipment lying around, and there’s less risk of the thieves bumping into anyone!

Fortunately, there are a number of ways in which you can help to make your garden more secure: 

Invest in quality garden storage

There is no better way to keep all your tools and equipment safe than to invest in a good, strong garden storage unit.  Whether it’s a metal shed or an all-wood chest, these units are usually tough and a pain to break into. Using one is also fifty times less stupid than leaving everything lying out on the lawn!

Make sure your gates are locked and bolted

This is a definite must.  If you’ve got things in your garden and you want them to stay there, then you should definitely stick a good lock – or indeed, a couple of good locks - onto your garden gate.  Don’t scrimp here: good locks are well worth the money.

Install a light

One of the best sure-fire ways to deter any thief is to let them know that you’re aware of their presence.  The most effective way to do this is to install a motion capture light: thieves can’t avoid setting them off, and you’ll be able to have a quick look out of the window to make sure everything’s OK.

Secure your shed

Another key target for garden thieves is the shed.  So make sure that – just like the gate – you’ve got a good quality lock on the door.  The shed is typically full of your most expensive items outside the house, so it makes sense to protect it as best as you can.

Make sure your walls actually work as walls!

Finally, if you’ve got walls of a decent height, don’t leave things like bins or bikes leant up against them: you might end up giving thieves a bunk up! Keep everything like that inside the wall.  Remember: the more obstacles in their way, the more likely thieves are to give up.


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