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Keeping your garden path clear all year round

Garden path


Your path is one of the most important bits of your garden, allowing you to easily move around without having to worry about wrecking the lawn: perfect if you’re constantly pushing a wheelbarrow around! Plants can easily over-run the path if you don’t stay on top of them: here are our tips for keeping your path clean whatever the weather.


First steps

If you’re just adding the path, prepare the ground first. Add landscaping cloth or cardboard under the pathway material – this can help to suppress the weeds.  Doing this up front can save you a lot of work later on.


Use the space before the weeds can. Plants such as alyssum and lobelia can be set out alongside the path borders. If there are full plants taking up the space, then there’s nowhere for the weeds to go. Of course, you’ll need to make sure you take care of the border plants.


Don’t cultivate the area. If you can, it’s best to avoid tilling the soil under or next to the path: if you need soil, mulch instead. Turning over the soil will expose weed seeds to sunlight, which is the last thing you need!


Take out the weeds. If you’ve got a particularly strong weed taking up the path borders, then use a good quality (organic) weed killer on it. Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to be merciful with weeds.


Use your pathways as much as possible. The more foot traffic goes up and down your paths, the more difficult it will be for the weeds to actually take hold. If you find you’re rarely using a particular section of the path, then it’s probably worth considering whether or not you really need it.