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Keeping your metal furniture rust free

One of the best things about metal garden furniture is the sheer durability and toughness that it offers: you can be sure that if you invest in metal furniture, it’ll be around for years to come!  However, this does come with a bit of a caveat: you need to maintain it.  These are our tips on how to keep your metal garden furniture looking great all year round.

Put a roof over it

Never under-estimate the value of putting a roof over your furniture, especially if it spends nearly all its time outside.  A decent canopy can help to keep your tables and chairs protected, especially during heavier downpours.  What’s more, you can find cheaper canopies for not a lot of money.  If you’re not planning on bringing your furniture inside at any point, it’s usually worth at least trying a roof.

Get covers

If you’ve invested in a decent sized bit of garden furniture such as a dining table or a set of chairs, then it makes financial sense to spend a bit of extra money on covers.  The covers will slot right over the furniture, protecting every single inch of it from the elements.  Many brands will come with their own tailored covers, but it’s easy to pick up more general ones, too: garden furniture is quite uniform in terms of size. (Do double check that it’ll fit before buying, though).

Get to cleaning

Never under-estimate the value of good, regular cleaning.  You don’t have to go nuts: simply wiping down the metal with warm water and a cloth after use can make the world of difference to the finish in the long run.  Just ensure that you dry it afterwards to minimise the risk of water damage.

Get buff

Another maintenance technique not to be under-estimated is a good buffing.  Once a month or so, use a good wax or specialist grease and give the whole bit of furniture a decent rub-down.  This is especially effective on hammock frames, but will work for practically any furniture.

Catch it early

Everyone’s human, and rust can sometimes appear almost overnight.  If it’s managed to catch you napping, then use a rust primer: this will help contain the rust and prevent it from spreading.  Once the primer has dried, you can easily just paint back over the area.

Get in touch today

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