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Behind The Scenes - Our Pet Centres

Our Pet Centres

At 15 of our stores, you can find a Pet Centre. Run by truly passionate and knowledgeable teams, we pride ourselves on the great care our animals receive. On one rainy afternoon in January we caught up with a gaggle of pet team members and asked them to tell us more about Notcutts Pet Centres.

Our Commitment

We know some people don't agree with pets being sold in busy retail centres. We believe that it's better for pets to be sold in a regulated environment by people who, as well as being highly trained, really care about them. Many of our team are passionate pet owners themselves, understanding what the animals need to be happy and content.

The welfare of animals in our care is of utmost importance and we never sell an animal to someone who can't properly look after them. Every team member is empowered to refuse to sell an animal if they don't consider the purchaser to have the animals best interest at heart.

Our Animals

You can rest assured that any animal that is offered for sale at a Notcutts Pet Centre is fit and healthy. The animals in our centres undergo regular and frequent checks before, during and at the point when they are ready to be taken to their new home.

We guarantee the sex of all mammals where stated. Some birds can't be sexed from their appearance, but when possible we will guarantee their sex too. We know this often makes it easier for our customers when choosing their new pet.

Space Matters

We will only sell a pet to someone if we are assured that they can provide it with the care and attention it needs. Pets can often be very demanding! We have also set minimum sizes for the cages and hutches we sell to suit certain pets, often consulting welfare experts for the latest advice. We always recommend housing that is a suitable size to ensure the happiness and wellbeing of your pet.

28 Day 'Satisfaction' Guarantee

We know sometimes things just don't work out. As part of our commitment our pets and to our customers, we offer a 4 week 'satisfaction' period after the sale of every animal. If for any reason during this period, your pet is not suitable or does not settle into its new home, we will take it back, ensuing it can be re-homed.

In addition, we also have a 7 day livestock health guarantee. In the unlikely event of a problem, contact your Pet Centre as soon as possible - we'll advise on the best course of action. Please note, we can't accept liability for vets bills without prior approval.

Our People

Everyone on our Pet teams are required to attain independently accredited and highly respected qualifications. These are, quite rightly, tough!

Our Breeders

We only purchase animals from breeders who we know meet our exacting standards. Our breeders are audited and checked regularly and only then are they accepted as our Approved Breeders.

All of our mammals and birds are British bred. We never knowingly stock birds or reptiles that have been removed from their natural habitat. We advise the birth dates for each pet, and we can always trace their origins.

We will never knowingly buy animals that have come from auction, or those that have been intensively reared by 'battery breeders' who don't treat their animals properly.

Dotted Line

Got any questions? If you'd like to know more about our Pet Centres, email our Customer Care Team at . Visit our Garden Centre Finder to see if your local Notcutts has a Pet Centre.