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Staines Refurbishment

Norwich Redevelopment

We have now completed Phase One of our full centre redevelopment to transform Notcutts Staines garden centre. We know it’s been a busy few months, so thank you for bearing with us. It’s been brilliant to see and speak to so many of our loyal customers, who are as excited as the team and I are about the change at Notcutts Staines.

Norwich Redevelopment

I’m delighted to say that our new restaurant is now open, I’m sure you will be impressed with the improvements in terms of comfort, ambience and efficiency. Our new restaurant offers a much wider menu choice than you have been used to and is all home cooked by our team of chefs. We now also have trained baristas to serve you with artisan coffee or a speciality tea to go with your freshly baked sweet treat.

We have been working to improve and expand our gift and Christmas sections, as well as building a new garden sundries area and vastly improving facilities. Please do come and visit our new department, and we hope you find the improvements provide a more relaxed and enjoyable browsing experience.

Don’t worry… we haven’t forgotten the rest of the centre… in the spring we will be working on the rest of the centre. This will include an exciting new pet department and a larger and brand new food department with a strong focus on local produce. We will also be improving the entire outdoor gardening areas with exciting developments in our plants, pots and compost areas. We look forward to working with the building teams behind our improvements and new restaurant again and thank them for all the hard work that has been done to keep the centre open for our loyal customers throughout.

Finally, an enormous thank you to my outstanding team of colleagues who have worked extremely hard throughout the process and dealt with all the challenges the re-development has produced. The team and I are looking forward to welcoming you to our majorly improved centre and will ensure that you receive the great service, quality and experience you expect from us at Notcutts.