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At, we always aim to offer our visitors great choice and variety.

Sometimes though you may not be able to find the products you want. This could be because we've not added the items yet (bear with us, we're working on it!) or it might be because the items are very tricky to send in the post.

We know not finding something you need can be annoying, so we've gathered together some information about the most popular products we don't currently sell on our website.

Small Bags of Compost

We know our gardeners love their compost and are often asked if we sell smaller 60L bags online. Unfortunately at this time, we don't stock small bags of compost on our website. They're really heavy and would be very expensive to post.

You'll always be able to find a fantastic range of compost in your local Notcutts. From multi-purpose to peat-free and ericaceous, we're certain to have what you need for your latest garden project. Our helpful garden centre teams will always be happy to give you a free boot liner (to fend off any spillages) and carry your compost out to your car for you.

Fencing & Trellis

Fencing has been a popular search term on our website since we launched. We don't currently stock fencing, including Metpost and trellis, on our website but we're looking into it. Please do watch this space! If you're not already on our contact list, you might like to sign up to receive our emails. You'll then be amongst the first to hear about new products and great offers. Just scroll down to the bottom of this page and add your email address in to the 'Keep in touch' box.

Ponds & Pond Equipment

If you

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If you ever want to know more about anything we sell – let us know! Call our helpful Customer Care people on 0344 879 4166. We’ll always be happy to dig out more information or help you figure out of something is right for you.

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