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Sustainability - Our Promise

Ladybird on grass

We love our products and hope you'll be delighted with them too. As well as selling things that look great and work brilliantly, we strive to pick products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Our Garden Centres and Notcutts HQ are run with this respect for our planet firmly in mind too. We want our customers to shop with us happy in the knowledge we've already thought long and hard about our green credentials.

We always try our best, but we're not perfect yet (...who is!?). We promise to improve our impact on the environment. We promise to aim to move our impact from negative to neutral or (better still) positive. We promise to contribute to sustainable schemes, supporting local and national green ideas. Whether you love to scroll through our online shop, phone our team or see us in one of our garden centres, our promise remains the same.

To find out more about our current efforts, visit our 'Doing Our Bit' page.

If you have any questions about our promise feel free to contact us on 0344 879 4166 or email us at