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Notcutts - Our Approach to Responsible Business

At Notcutts, social and environmental concerns are never far from the top of our agenda. We owe a lot to Mother Nature and we always strive to do what’s best for her.

As a responsible business, we are committed to protecting the planet, selecting ethical suppliers and sourcing sustainable products wherever possible. Notcutts is family-owned with a 120-year history which makes us more than just a company, we are stewards of the environment and the communities we serve.

We also recognise that our customers are conscientious about where their purchases come from. We hope that you will place your trust in us to act with ethical credentials on your behalf.


Our Values

Everything we do at Notcutts is shaped by three core values that we hold very dear: Passion, Inspiration and Expertise.

* Passion for gardening, the natural world, our customers, employees and the communities in which we operate.

* Inspiration gained from the beauty and enjoyment of our gardens.

* Expertise we offer to allow others to enjoy their gardens. We believe in doing things properly, and in the right way.


Every detail of our business is conducted with these guiding principles in mind from how we interact with our customers, right through to which tea we choose to offer in our Restaurants.


Our Promise and Aims

It is our promise to improve our impact on the environment in every aspect whether that’s contributing to sustainable schemes or supporting local and national green initiatives.


We aim to do this by adopting a considered and proactive approach to the things we care about most, namely our customers, colleagues, communities, products, suppliers and our garden centres.


Our Customers

We hope to earn our customers’ loyalty by sharing your passion for gardening, providing inspiration, offering expertise and meeting your needs with every interaction.



Our Products

Whether you’re shopping instore or online, we aim to offer quality, value and choice in our products. It is always our preference to source close to home but where we need to look further afield, we ensure our products are traceable and sustainable where possible. Above all, their production must be fair to the environment and people involved.



Our Communities

We love working within and being a part of the communities around our Garden Centres. We’re very keen to contribute to their fabric and success, not only by being a good neighbour but to also make positive, measurable contributions.



Our Suppliers

Integrity is very important to us and we pride ourselves on building partnerships with those who share our values, especially regarding the environment and working practices.



Our Garden Centres and Offices

As well as being safe and inspiring places to work, shop and eat, our Garden Centres should reduce waste and maximise efficiency of resources.



Our People

We aim for a motivated, empowered, skilled and diverse team that work in a safe environment. We want all of our employees to enjoy and take pride in where they work. All team members should be afforded the opportunity to progress and share in the benefits of the business.



Our Activity

Our values steer us towards being a socially and environmentally responsible business but it is with action that real impact is made. We have made several changes in all areas of Notcutts to fulfil our aims. This is a snapshot of what we have done:


Customers now have more ethical choices available including a new line of natural alternatives to pesticides and fertilisers, plus our own brand Multi-Purpose compost which has been formulated from 40% peat-free alternative ingredients including stout and cider extracts. Our tea suppliers are approved by the Ethical Tea Partnership and we only serve ethically sourced coffee in our restaurants. We extend this approach to our suppliers too, with regular audits to ensure Far East suppliers are adhering to appropriate working conditions, pay and laws.

We are supporting our local communities through partnerships such as Cultivation Street and helping individuals with our Charles Notcutt Bursary scheme at Thrive and Notcutts apprenticeship scheme. Closer to home, we’re recycling 85% of all of our waste plus harvesting rainwater in two garden centres and using bore holes in another two centres. Every month, exceptional customer service from our staff is recognised and celebrated through our awards scheme.