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General Maintenance

  • Sweep your patio areas regularly and treat any small weeds with a systemic weed killer as they germinate.
  • Hoe weeds from gravel areas and treat with a residual weed killer such as Pathclear to prevent more weed seeds from germinating.
  • Damp down the floor of your greenhouse after you have watered in the morning. This keeps the humidity high but also lowers the temperature during hot weather.
  • Clean out your water butts if they have been emptied, to remove sludge and algae in the bottom.
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Patio and Container Gardening

  • Keep an eye out for ants setting up home in the base of planted containers and treat accordingly to stop them undermining roots so that the plants dry out from the base.
  • Treat all of your permanent container plantings with a biological control for Vine Weevil larvae. They can devastate plants in pots if not kept in check.
  • Round up any empty containers and give them a scrub out in preparation for autumn and winter bedding plants.
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Bulbs and Perennials

  • Remove side buds from Dahlias as they develop to get a single, larger flower for cutting.
  • Continue to cut down stems on perennials as they finish flowering. Chop these up and add to your compost heaps.
  • Divide summer flowering perennials as they finish flowering. Dig up the clumps and replant some of the younger, more vigorous growth.
  • Cut Oriental Poppies and Border Geraniums to the ground, leaves and all, after they have flowered. Mulch around the crowns and water well. Many of the Geraniums will flower again in autumn.
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Trees and Shrubs

  • Summer prune shrubs by removing two thirds of the long, upright growths that have developed since the spring.
  • Feed Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Pieris and Camellias with a suitable granular fertilizer such as Vitax Conifer and Shrub. Water this in well and make sure that these plants do not go short of water now, whilst they are forming next year’s flower buds.
  • Trim Lavender bushes after flowering to remove the dead flower spikes.
  • Summer prune Wisteria by taking any long, unwanted growths back to five or six leaf buds.
  • Trim hedges that are becoming untidy – the final cut can be done in early autumn.
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Sowing and Planting

  • Sow seeds of perennials that need a frost to germinate. Leave them outside in a cold frame or in a cold green house until they begin to germinate next spring.
  • Take tip cuttings of woody herbs such as Rosemary and Sage to replace any old plants next spring.
  • Peg down runners on Strawberry plants into pots of compost or soil. These can be severed from the parent plant once they have rooted.
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  • Continue to cut your lawn as required. Leave the grass clippings on the lawn to help retain moisture if the weather is very dry.
  • Spot treat weeds as they appear with Verdone or another ready to use lawn weed killer. Dig out the roots and fill the hole with gritty compost to encourage the grass to re grow.
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The Vegetable Garden

  • Pinch out the tips of Runner beans once they have reached the top of their poles.
  • Transplant Leeks to their final positions once they are the thickness of a pencil.
  • Harvest crops regularly as they become available to keep your plants productive.
  • Finish summer pruning side shoots on trained apples, back to four or five leaf buds.
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  • Deadhead Buddleja bushes to keep them flowering into the autumn. The new flowers will be smaller but are an important food for bees and other insects.
  • Make sure that you keep a bird bath topped up with fresh water. Place it in an open position but near cover so that birds can spot danger and avoid it.
  • Leave seed heads on some of your plants as extra food for birds and small mammals.
  • Leave some windfall fruit on the ground as a tasty treat for wildlife.
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Garden Planning

  • Look for gaps in your borders where spring flowering bulbs can be planted over the next couple of months.
  • Visit your local garden centre and pick up the first of the autumn and winter bedding plants towards the end of the month.
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