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General Maintenance

  • Clear out your garden shed and make a list of any fertilizers and compost that you need to buy for the season ahead.
  • Check your fences and trellis. Make any repairs whilst the climbing plants on them are still dormant.
  • Give them a fresh coat of preservative if needed.
  • Clean out your propagator ready for the season ahead.
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Patio and Container Gardening

  • Round up all of your empty containers and give them a clean with disinfectant. Store them somewhere handy so that they are ready for planting later.
  • Make sure that your planted containers do not go short of water – especially during weather when the ground is frozen. Keep evergreens wrapped in fleece and move the pots to a sheltered spot.
  • Keep an eye out for mouse damage on any pots planted with spring bulbs.
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Bulbs and Perennials

  • Tidy your borders now that spring is here. Cut down last year’s dead growth from hardy perennials and spread a thick layer of mulch to your borders once any weeds are removed. Place mulch around, rather than over the tops, of perennials.
  • Remove the dead heads from early Daffodils as the flowers fade. Allow the leaves to die back naturally.
  • Divide clumps of Snowdrops once they have finished flowering and before the leaves die back.
  • Tread carefully on your borders – many plants and bulbs will be just below the surface of the soil and are easily damaged by feet and tools!
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Trees and Shrubs

  • Make sure that evergreen shrubs do not go short of water when the ground is frozen.
  • Weed and tidy borders and apply a layer of mulch around the base of trees and shrubs, to help cut down on weeding and retain moisture.
  • Prune Dogwoods, Elderberries, coloured stemmed Willows and Buddleja to a low framework if required to keep them in bounds.
  • Prune late flowering (after July) Clematis to a pair of healthy buds back to about 30cm. Pull out all of the old growth, and guard the new shoots against slugs and snails until they are well established.
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Sowing and Planting

  • Summer bedding plants including Lobelia, Antirrhinum (Snap Dragon) and Marigolds can be sown in a heated propagator now. Remove the tray as soon as the seedlings appear and grow on ready for pricking out when large enough to handle easily.
  • Plant out trees, shrubs and perennials that are in pots, if the ground is not frozen.
  • Any bare root plants, such as Roses and fruit trees should be planted before the end of the month in well prepared soil. Stake trees well until they are established.
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  • Get your mower serviced before the grass really starts to grow away.
  • Purchase a lawn weed and feed preparation from your local garden centre for use next month.
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The Vegetable Garden

  • Carry on with winter digging if soil conditions are not too wet. Incorporate well rotted manure or garden compost into the section to be used for peas, beans and salad crops.
  • Sow Broad Beans in the open ground if soil conditions are suitable.
  • Plant shallots and Garlic in beds of firm soil, towards the end of the month, if conditions are suitable.
  • Continue to dig leeks and parsnips for use as required.
  • Pick sprouts and the first sprouting Broccoli.
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  • Put up nesting boxes for birds which will start to breed next month.
  • Look out for hibernating insects in leaf litter and hollow plant stems. Leave these alone until the residents have moved on!
  • Add some early flowers, such as Pulmonaria and winter Clematis (C. cirrhosa) to your garden to help feed Bumble bees that will be foraging on warm days.
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Garden Planning

  • Visit your local garden centre and stock up on compost and fertilizers for the season ahead.
  • Make a cropping plan for the vegetable garden and buy your seed before the popular varieties sell out!
  • Plan any new borders now and start to dig them over ready to plant up later on.
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