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Real tree care tips


Depending on size and variety, our Christmas trees will have been lovingly nurtured for over 5-10 years before reaching our centres. So, I'm sure we all agree - they deserve to be looked after! Here we explore some top tips to keep your Christmas tree looking beautiful throughout the festive season.

1. When you first bring your tree home (before bringing inside!), cut 3cm off the base of the tree and place in a bucket of water. This'll give your tree a good pep up and help it store some water for the weeks ahead.

2. Ideally, use a stand that holds water. Your tree will need water throughout it's life with you. Remember to keep the water topped up!

3. Don’t remove any bark from the tree to get it into your container – this will reduce the amount of water your tree can absorb as bark plays an important part in this process.

4. If your tree is very full, consider trimming some branches back to the trunk. This will give your tree a more graceful appearance, reduce the number of branches which need water and give you trimmings to use elsewhere (perhaps for decorating the fireplace or frontdoor).

5. Christmas trees dry out with heat; keep your tree away from heat sources like the fireplace and radiators.

6. Inspect light sets and test them prior to placing them on the tree. This saves wasted time and having to disrupt your tree too much. If your lights are worn, consider replacing with a new set.

7. Put your tree up at least a few hours before you decorate it to allow the branches to drop down into their natural position. It really helps when decorating and getting a nice even look.

8. Add an aspirin to the water or use distilled water - these are said to help prevent needle drop. Just be careful to ensure nothing (other than your tree) drinks this water!

9. Consider covering the base of your tree with a tree skirt. It'll finish off everything nicely. Depending in the type you buy, it can also add stability.

10. After Christmas take down the tree and remove from the house. Cut trees if properly cared for (using these steps) should last at least five weeks before drying out.

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