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Weber is our premier barbecue stockist of choice.

Because we love to know where our products come from, here's a little history for you! Experts in both gas and charcoal barbecues, Weber owe everything to one man - George Stephen. It was 1952 when the classic Weber barbecue was born; not only did it cook to perfection and protect the food from the elements, it also reflected the optimistic mood of a whole new generation. The 1950s was consumer boom-time in America and George’s new invention was iconic, practical and stylish.

George saw the potential of his new kettle-shaped barbecue and, with the help of the Weber factory, started to manufacture them for sale. When people saw George's strange kettle-shaped invention for the first time, most just smiled. But that smile became a grin of delight when they tasted the food cooked on it and the barbecue began to sell well – despite being about five times the price of a standard barbecue.

During the 60s and 70s interest in the Weber barbecue grew. The barbecue was featured on many TV shows and became a national brand name. George had started a barbecue revolution; creating the modern barbecue culture the USA is renowned for today. And now we've brought a little of that al fresco heritage back to Blighty for our customers to enjoy. Delicious!

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