1. Formal garden

    Formal garden

    Order and balance are the key attributes of a formal garden, along with structure, symmetry, simplicity and geometric shapes. Plant beds are meticulously laid out and planted with an innate attention to detail that provides structured blocks of colour within the garden. If you find other garden designs too rustic and jumbled, a formal garden is the ideal solution and...
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  2. Cottage garden

    Cottage garden

    Reminiscent of quintessential English countryside gardens, the romantic cottage garden look is as beautiful as it is easy to achieve. While many specific garden looks depend on order and organisation, this is a rich tapestry of colours, scents and flowers in abundance which focuses more on creating something you love, rather than sticking to predefined rules about how the space...
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  3. Contemporary garden

    Contemporary garden

    Contemporary gardens are becoming increasingly popular with their minimalistic approach to design. Simplicity, style and low maintenance is the order of the day with this garden design, making it easy to create and even easier to look after. A Contemporary Garden is very much an extension of your home and is usually made up of raised beds, geometric shapes, wooden...
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  4. Coastal garden

    Coastal garden

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to live by the sea to create a coastal garden. Whether your garden is nestled near the Cornish cliffs a stone’s throw away from the sea or miles inland, you can easily create a seaside feel and a nautical look with the right plants, flowers, features and accessories.
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